Feeling the heat more often these days? You’re not alone.

Temperatures in Singapore have been climbing since early April, and the unbearably humid heat is expected to last till September. In fact, the hottest day in May in our history was recorded at 36.7 degrees at Admiralty. Global warming has also caused temperature increases, of which impacts can be felt, even if the increases seem minor.

Periods of high heat and heatwaves can lead to a number of problems for people:

  • Skin-related conditions flaring up (e.g. eczema, heat rash, and hives)
  • Dizziness and heatstroke, especially for those who work outdoors
  • Dehydration

How do you manage these hot months safely, and help your loved ones stay cool as well?

Let’s discover some ways to stay cool!

  1. Make Use of Public Air-conditioned Facilities

Working from the office? That’s not too bad since you can enjoy the cool air while at work.
If you work from home, it probably doesn’t make financial sense to turn on your air conditioner all day, especially with rising energy costs. Therefore, you should consider using public facilities that are air-conditioned so that you can work in peace. Heat can seriously disrupt your concentration and functioning, so if you want to be at your best, head to your nearest library or set up camp in a Starbucks located close by.

There are also pods in Singapore malls designed for people to work peacefully and comfortably in that are affordably priced.

  1. Look for Water

Whether it’s drinking more to hydrate yourself or heading to indoor pools, water is a great resource to beat the heat. You can head to public swimming pools or water parks as a family for a day of fun and excitement while staying cool. There are plenty of water parks for children that are very affordable, as well as other options for older children and adults to enjoy.
Remember to drink 8 glasses of water (2 litres) a day, which includes all food and drink. If you find yourself sweating a lot, you can consider increasing that in a moderate manner.

Staying hydrated is highly beneficial for your body’s functioning and health!

  1. Remove Humidity

Humidity causes that uncomfortable stickiness and stuffiness you tend to feel when it’s hot. To be specific, it is the concentration of existing water vapour or moisture in the air around you. The more humid it is, the harder for you to cool off when you’re sweating buckets. This is because your sweat cannot evaporate into the air since the air is clogged with water vapour. A dehumidifier is great to remove humidity in the air so that you feel cooler and more comfortable.

If you feel unwell because of the heat, it’s important to seek medical help! Stay in the cool comforts of home with our house doctors or with a telemedicine consultation.