Enjoy a glass of wine or a pint of beer after a long day at work? You’re not alone. However, have you considered the effect your favourite beverage has on your health?
Most of us know that wines are linked to healthy drinking, but what about whisky?
In this article, we explore 5 health advantages whisky has!

What is Whisky?

Whisky is a type of alcoholic drink that is created from a mix of grains through fermentation and distillation. It is then aged in wooden casks. These grains can be malted and may include rye, barley, wheat, and corn.

What Are Some Examples of Whisky?

They are:

-Japanese Whisky
-Irish Whisky
-Scotch Whisky
-American-Style Whisky:
-Tensessee Whisky

Here are some reasons that make this drink great for you.


May Help to Prevent Cancer

Antioxidants are constantly linked to reducing cancer and aiding cancer treatments. Some studies have discovered that whisky has anti-oxidants such as ellagic acid.

Taking one or two glasses of whisky can help to prolong your lifespan as a result.

May Safeguard Against Dementia

Millions of people have been diagnosed with dementia across the world, with the figure only growing at breakneck speed. Studies have found that individuals who have moderate intake of whisky were half as likely to suffer from dementia, as compared to alcohol in general.


If you are gluten-intolerant or suffer from celiac disease, you’ll be glad to know that whisky is gluten-free, which makes it safe for you to drink. This drink can be made from different types of grains, which are heated and condensed to extract the alcohol content.

During the heating process, the gluten from these grains does not evaporate, which means that whisky does not contain gluten.

Good for Watching Your Weight

It’s widely known that alcohol can lead to immense weight gain if consumed in large amounts, especially if you’re drinking craft beer. Whisky only contains less than 200 calories per glass and does not have any carbohydrates, fat, or sugar.

This means that having a glass of whisky can help with your weight management to reach your fitness or health goals. You can even taste the different whisky flavours without the added calories since they get theirs from the compounds in the barrels they’re aged in.

Reduces Your Chances of Diabetes

As mentioned, whisky does not contain any sugar or carbohydrates. Studies have shown that drinking a moderate amount of whisky can improve your body’s ability to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Being able to manage your blood sugar levels means that you can potentially lower your risk of diabetes.

How Much Are You Drinking?

As with everything else, moderation is key. While whisky offers these health benefits, it doesn’t mean that you should be chugging down endless glasses of it. Remember that these benefits only come with moderate drinking, so you should be mindful to not drink excessively.

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