Always Ready for You – House Call and Workplace Medical Services

Dr Carol Lee delivers care in the comforts of your home.
Whether your loved one is bedridden from a medical condition or you are too busy at work to get away,
Dr Carol Lee is here to bring quality medical care right at your doorstep.
Dr Carol Lee’s patients’ well-being is her top priority, and she strives to see her patients within one hour of the call.

The Benefits of Home

Dr Carol Lee

Dr Carol Lee is a qualified professional working in the forefront of healthcare. More than that, she commits herself to offer every patient first-class care and undivided attention at home. Every patient is different; there is no one-solution-fits-all method. She gives comprehensive care adequately targeted at the various ailments. Her bilingualism allows her to effectively communicate with both the young and old from all walks of life. As a female doctor, she offers female patients for added comfort.

Why a House Call Doctor?

  • Avoid long waiting hours in A&Es, clinics or hospitals
  • More affordable than calling for wheelchair transport to visit clinics or hospitals
  • The flexibility to see a doctor at home at your own time and convenience
  • Suitable for patients who are too weak or ill to visit clinics and hospitals with
    long waiting hours
  • Patients will not be exposed to germs and other illnesses in clinics or hospitals
  • Tourists who require doctor when away from home
  • Personalized care right at home by certified doctor

Corporate – Designated Workplace Doctor (DWD)

The cornerstone of Dr Carol Lee’s care is to provide all-inclusive solutions for various occupational health and safety services required in the workplace. Dr Carol Lee visits the workplace to provide care so that the employees do not have to waste time travelling and visiting clinics for their medical care. Dr Carol Lee provides assessment and screening as well as advice on work-related injuries and illnesses for corporate clients in the various industries. Drop us an email for more information on our Occupational Healthcare Services or fill in this simple form to get more information. Dr Carol Lee also has solutions for companies in supplying health education and health talks for employees.