Telemedicine Consultation
Professional Medical Care At Your Fingertips

Key medical help is just a tap away!

Thanks to technology and innovation, D&C now brings you the added option of telemedicine consultation.

With it, you can access Dr. Carol Lee’s suite of services with greater ease and convenience. Simply use telemedicine applications to kickstart your video consultation experience!

Start your journey to a whole new world of quality medical care with our telemedicine application, where Dr. Carol Lee will provide you with speedy consultation and advice needed. With telemedicine consultation, you may receive expert healthcare services from the comfort of your own home, guaranteeing accessible and secure medical care whenever you need it.

Why Choose Us?

Individual: House Call Services

● Medical Attention Whenever You Need It

By putting your needs first, we make sure that you can obtain medical care anytime, anywhere.

Our house call and workplace medical services give you the advice and help you need from a certified doctor, straight to your doorstep, 24/7.

We want you to know that we prioritize you and will be there for you whenever you need it!

● Less Time and Effort Wasted

You need not spend the time and effort to make a trip especially down to your nearest health provider and wait up to hours for a basic consultation.

Even at the A&E, patients can expect a grueling wait of up to a few hours, which is not suitable for those who are weak and cannot endure long waiting times.

Instead, our dedicated doctor strives to reach you within an hour of your call if you prefer a personal consultation.

● Experts in Senior Care Services

Not all patients are the same – for the particularly vulnerable group of elderly and disabled individuals, simple tasks like getting out of bed to moving around can be mammoth-like.

Dr. Carol Lee fully understands this and hence strives to provide help at the comforts of home to these patients who need it most.

● Reduce Potential Sickness From Waiting

Waiting at a public health provider can also result in potential sickness, especially during this difficult time where the silent yet deadly coronavirus lurks around us.

Additionally, this largely-unknown virus has been concluded to affect the elderly to a greater extent.

Staying home and receiving treatment is a much safer choice than exposing yourself to bacteria outside.

● Home Evaluation

What happens at home can play a part in the progression of various illnesses. By visiting your place, Dr. Carol Lee is able to evaluate your living conditions and eating habits to provide an all-round assessment.

● Avoid Paying Unnecessary Fees

You also avoid paying hefty ambulance fees and wheelchair transport since our doctor comes straight to your doorstep.

For example, transport to clinics and hospitals can easily set you back $80 to $120. This cost does not include consultation nor medication, which can add up to a large sum.

● A Solution for Tourists

As a foreigner in an unfamiliar country, seeing a doctor may seem like a daunting task with red tape and other administrative matters to consider.

You can now see a doctor wherever you are and get treatment anytime you need, without any hassle or worries.

Corporate: Designated Workplace Doctor (DWD) Services

● Employee Medical Care

Even at the workplace, Dr. Carol Lee understands the need for different occupational health and safety services your workers need.

By visiting the workplace, employees can save precious traveling time and effort.

● Inclusive Solutions

You can choose from various services, including health assessments and screenings, as well as holistic advice on work-related injuries and illnesses.

Should your organization require informative health talks and health education, Dr. Carol Lee is also ready to provide them to you.

App Consultation

● Your Health at Your Fingertips

Make use of our telemedicine application and make an instantaneous consultation easily wherever you are, whenever you want, 24/7. View everything that you need easily at a glance.

● Less Waiting Time, Less Risks

Like the house call visits, the waiting time and other risk factors are greatly reduced.

● Easy to Use

Our application is designed to deliver a smooth and straightforward user experience so that even the less tech-savvy seniors can pick it up easily.

Connect to our resident doctor, Dr. Carol Lee, and enjoy the convenience of your medication (if any) delivered to you in a few hours!

You can also make a house call/workplace medical appointment via our application.

The Process – House Call/Workplace Services

Step 1: Dial Dr. Carol Lee’s 24/7 hotline to secure your appointment

Step 2: Fix a time and date you wish to be visited

Step 3: Prepare/explain your medical history/records, or other things Dr. Carol Lee should take note of, and inform her of your medical condition

Step 4: That’s it – sit back and wait for Dr. Carol Lee to arrive within an hour or the scheduled time

After a consultation, Dr. Carol Lee will dispense medicine as needed.

The Process – Telemedicine Consultation

Step 1: Click on the Video Consultation button to begin

Step 2: Explain your medical condition and other key things Dr. Carol Lee should take note of during the teleconsultation

Step 3: After a telemedicine consultation, our in-house courier team will deliver your medicine over if needed. Delivery is complimentary.

Pricing - House Call/Workplace Services

Consultation (Weekdays)*

8am to 12am: $150

12am to 8am: $200

Consultation (Weekends and PH)


CCOD Services

Weekdays, 8am to 12am: $250

Weekdays, 8am to 12am/Weekends/PH: $350

Pricing – Telemedicine Consultation

During Office Hours (Weekdays, 2pm to 7.59pm): $25

After Office Hours (Weekdays, 8pm to 12am, Weekends/PH, 2pm to 12am): $50

Elderly and CHAS Card Users

Elderly customers aged 65 years and above with a CHAS card are only required to pay a subsidized fee of $130 for a consultation on weekdays and $180 on weekends.

*Consultation fees exclude medication and other forms of investigation needed

Payment Modes

Cash/PayNow are accepted. No GST is charged.

What We Do

Acute Management

We provide a range of consultation for the acute management of different medical issues.

They include respiratory infections, the common cold/flu, injuries like minor burns, contusion, pain management, infectious disease management.

We also cover obstetrics & gynecology (O&G) issues like dysmenorrhea and dispensing morning-after pills, so you can avoid awkward encounters at public practices. This also applies to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that we handle.

Dermatology conditions including eczema and dermatitis are also some issues we manage. Additionally, you can ring us up to settle your foreign worker’s health check and driver’s license examination.

Chronic Management

Be assured to place the care and management of yours, or your loved one’s long-term chronic illness in our knowledgeable hands.

We have an extensive range of chronic management services for health problems like Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and obesity.

Geriatric and Miscellaneous

At D&C, we treat a wide spectrum of healthcare pertaining specifically to the elderly as well as miscellaneous services.

This includes bed-bound and immobile patients, patients under palliative care or end-of-life care who find it highly difficult to always head to their nearest healthcare provider due to their situation.

Our miscellaneous services ranges from general vaccinations, health screenings, health talks for your organization to follow-up after discharge, referral for/from specialty, medication management and of course, through this application, telemedicine consultation.

We even provide nursing home cover, medical cover for events, ambulance transfer evacuation, and certifying the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) in the event of someone’s passing.

Designated Workplace Doctor (DWD)

As a DWD, Dr. Carol Lee manages pre-employment check-ups for employment pass/work permit holders, and statutory medical examinations for occupational diseases.

She is also capable of treating corporate clients at the client’s premises and dispenses advice on work-related injuries and illnesses.

Always By You: Dr Carol Lee, Trusted Practitioner

As a local General Practitioner (GP) with a staggering 16 years of experience in different medical departments and designations, Dr. Carol Lee wields both expertise and professionalism.

Always gentle and tactful towards her patients, she extends empathy and understanding in every medical service she provides.

She first obtained her MBBS during her early years practicing medicine at the University of Melbourne, Australia, before going on to attain a range of postgraduate qualifications in many institutions and countries.

Dr. Carol Lee has a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health from the National University of Singapore (NUS), a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Medicine, and MRCS A&E from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, and the Intercollegiate Membership Exam (Part 1 and 2) achieved in Singapore.

As a result of various stints in different medical niches, Dr. Carol Lee is capable of providing effective treatment in many areas.

She also understands that every patient is different, and pays extra attention to detail when treating one. Her medical solutions are personalized and tailored to be the best fit for you.

For those worried about language barriers, fret not: Dr. Carol Lee is bilingual, and hence able to communicate with the young and old effectively.

To her patients, she is regarded as a warm and personable doctor who upholds her medical integrity towards every individual she helps.

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