What does hypertension mean? A medical term to refer to high blood pressure, hypertension may be diagnosed if you constantly have blood pressure that measures above normal. Over time, this may lead to health problems like heart disease. What Causes High Blood Pressure? In our body, our blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood that our heart pumps and the resistance to blood flow that happens in our arteries. If our heart pumps a lot of blood but the arteries are narrow, this raises blood pressure. High blood pressure can exist for many years without you realising it. Left unregulated, it hikes your risk of severe health problems like stroke and heart attack. The only way to ascertain whether you have high blood pressure or not is by measuring your blood pressure. Usually, high blood pressure develops after a period of time because of factors like unhealthy lifestyle choices. This can be a lack of physical activity or a poor diet. Some health conditions may also raise the risk of high blood pressure developing. Problems Caused by High Blood Pressure Heart Disease Since high blood pressure can harm the arteries by reducing their elasticity, therefore reducing blood flow and oxygen to the heart, it can cause heart disease. This reduced blood flow can also lead to other heart conditions like chest pain, heart attack, and heart failure as well. These conditions may be life-threatening. Stroke The arteries that carry blood and oxygen to the brain can burst or become blocked as a result of high blood pressure and lead to a stroke. When a stroke occurs, brain cells die due to a lack of oxygen. It can also result in severe disabilities in movement, speech, and other simple activities. In worse cases, it may also be fatal and cause mortality. For middle-aged people, high blood pressure is often linked to eventual dementia and lowered brain function. Kidney Disease If you have other conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or both at the same time, you have a greater risk of developing chronic kidney disease. Preventing and Managing High Blood Pressure Engaging a House Doctor If you already have high blood pressure, getting a house doctor to help monitor and manage your condition can be greatly beneficial. Our doctors at D&CMed are extremely vigilant and careful when it comes to managing such chronic conditions. We help you feel at ease and assured that you’re getting the help you need. You also have the flexibility of having a telemedicine consultation if your schedule is packed and you find it difficult to make time. Adopting Good Lifestyle Habits Lifestyle changes are in order if you know that your current habits are not healthy. For example, you should avoid smoking and drinking, and make sure that you’re getting enough exercise. Limit your salt intake and reduce stress levels as much as possible. Your house doctor will give you useful advice that you can implement in your daily life.

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