The term “osteoporosis” essentially means “porous bone”. When you peer at a healthy bone under the magnified effects of a microscope, it looks like a honeycomb. The holes become much bigger when osteoporosis is present due to density or mass loss, or even abnormal tissue structure. Bones that are less dense are brittle and more likely to break. This is a costly condition that worsens when a bone breaks. Apart from causing intense pain, it can also lead to height loss and a hunched posture. A majority of patients require long-term care, and they may even experience negative feelings associated with the condition. A Silent Condition Like cancer, you can’t quite feel your bones weakening. Osteoporosis can creep up on you quietly with the typical first sign being a broken bone. Height loss and a spine that’s starting to curve can also indicate the onset of osteoporosis. Managing Bone Health During COVID-19 Staying at home more often because of COVID-19, and because of the neverending government restrictions? You’re not alone. However, how does this affect your bone health? Adequate intake of calcium and Vitamin D are necessary in maintaining bone health. Staying home more often means that you’re limiting this intake of Vitamin D since you’re not getting much exposure to the sun. You can combat this by heading out for a few minutes a day for a few times a week. Take a break and head outside for some much-needed sunshine! How a House Doctor Can Help You Manage Osteoporosis Help at Home When you have osteoporosis, you’re naturally going to stay at home more often. This is because it’s safer to be home instead of being outside. A house doctor means that you need not venture out to your appointment or checkup whenever needed. You can wait at home for the doctor to come over and assist you. This gives you peace of mind and assuredness knowing that your needs are still going to be taken care of even at home. It’s also easy to engage a house doctor near Singapore thanks to D&CMed’s widely accessible services! Long-term Assurance A house doctor guarantees that you can get the same doctor to manage your osteoporosis. There are plenty of benefits in doing this – in particular, your doctor will understand your condition the best, and be able to advise you adequately. This includes many different aspects of daily life, like exercise and your diet. Your doctor may even advise how to improve your living conditions so that you can boost your osteoporosis and help to alleviate your symptoms. Your doctor can also prescribe the appropriate medication or drugs to aid in your condition as well. An Amazing Alternative Why should osteoporosis sufferers go through the difficulty of going to medical institutions like clinics and hospitals to see a doctor and put themselves at risk? Not only do you minimise the chances of a potentially life-threatening fall occurring while in transit, but you’re also making it much easier for the elderly to receive medical treatment and chronic illness management.

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