Since COVID-19 hit our sunny island, people have been staying indoors more often and heading out less in order to limit potential exposure to the virus.

Although the government has mandated that 75% of employees who can work from home can now head to the office, many companies continue allowing employees to work from home, or have even adopted a hotdesk form of arrangement.

Staying at home most of the time doesn’t mean that you cannot continue keeping track of your health and staying healthy. You should also strive to maintain your health even if you are home.

A house call doctor can help assist you in keeping up with your well-being. Here’s how:

Routine Health Checks

A house call doctor Singapore can give you regular health check ups in a convenient manner. You need not step out of the house and schedule a visit to a doctor, and your house call doctor can even evaluate other factors including your home setting that a regular public doctor cannot.

You can book an appointment around your free time whenever your schedule allows it. This convenience makes it

Minimising Risk and Exposure

Be it COVID-19 or other illnesses, you don’t want to risk getting infected in a healthcare facility where the likelihood of viruses is high. A house call doctor gives you medical care in your own home without the risk of exposure to contaminants.

With the added convenience of telemedicine apps, you can even get a doctor near Singapore – the choice is yours.

Making a Long-Term Plan

It often makes sense to formulate a long-term plan when it comes to your healthcare needs. It isn’t just effective for chronic sufferers, but for regular people as well. You can chart a plan to meet your desired health even while you’re at home or if you have a condition you need to monitor.

Tracking and implementing a plan for the long run can be possible with a dedicated house doctor. Your house doctor will review your medical details and history and decide on the best course of action.

Immediate Medical Attention

D&C Medical combines both telemedicine and house call doctor services to give you unparalleled access to immediate medical care whenever you need it. If you require in-person medical attention instantly for whichever urgent need, you can access our app to get the help you require from our doctors who are available 24/7 round-the-clock, every day of the year.


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