When it comes to running a business, taking care of your employees’ well-being takes priority. Your company depends on them, regardless of role or responsibility, to function like a well-oiled engine. 


Making it a point to look after them in various aspects can contribute to a healthier working environment, happier employees, and overall increased productivity. 


It also projects a positive company image to outsiders, which is particularly beneficial if you’re looking at hiring talents or retaining them. 


Here are some ways you can manage your employees’ health at the workplace:


  • Encourage Proper Hygiene


Hygiene has become extremely important as we continue to grapple with the impacts of COVID-19. A simple hand-washing routine could determine whether you become infected with a virus or not. 


You could install hand sanitisers at various spots where there is a high degree of contact. This includes doors, cabinet handles, pantry areas and meeting rooms. 

You can put it at the reception area or front door so that you remind employees to disinfect their hands before stepping into the workplace. 


In toilets, you can also paste friendly reminders to suggest the benefits of hand-washing. Encourage mask-wearing wherever possible, even inside the workplace. 


  • Nutrition Needs


Nutrition plays a big part of your employees’ health. Eating well gives them the fuel they need to see through the day. You can organise team lunches or cater individual meals with healthy options. 


For example, you can order poke bowls, grain bowls, health foods, or any other type of food that is lean, clean and goes big on greens. Remember; sugary and greasy food may fill people up fast, but they also cause sluggishness and an overall adverse contribution to a person’s health. 


  •  Mental Wellness


When you talk about health and wellness, mental wellness has become an increasingly-important aspect. You may not see a person’s mental struggles, but its effects can become very real and physical when failed to manage. 


Show concern wherever possible to your employees and encourage them to prioritise their mental health. You can keep an extra lookout and offer a listening ear for them during particularly busy periods where tensions and stress levels are at a high. Sometimes, you can also provide relaxing yoga or meditation sessions for those who are interested. 


  • Engage a Designated Workplace Doctor (DWD)


An in-office designated workplace doctor is like a house call doctor, but for enterprises. Hiring one is very useful and convenient for employees, clients and vendors alike during occupational or workplace illnesses or injuries. 


A DWD can also provide immediate treatment to a stakeholder. Such actions show your employees that the company genuinely cares for their health and takes steps to offer help when the need arises. 


  • Arrange Group Fitness Activities


Consider arranging group fitness activities from time-to-time. With the pandemic in mind, you can opt for virtual fitness sessions via a video call application if your employees work remotely. 


Doing group fitness activities together can also encourage team bonding and facilitate a better working environment. It can also build fellowship among your employees. 

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