Having a Sexually-Transmitted Disease (STD) is usually not something you’d like to be open about to others. And yet, this plays an important part in your overall health and wellness. 


Plus, it isn’t exactly pleasant to feel uncomfortable all-day in your nether regions. 


One solution that gives you the privacy you desire and medical help you need is a house call doctor. Here are a few reasons to ring up yours when necessary! 


  • Privacy 


Not everyone is comfortable with letting others know that the cause of moodiness on a particular day stems from an STD. No, not even your closest friend or your mum. 


Calling your trusted house call doctor means you can be treated in privacy wherever you wish. You can also feel at ease letting a professional know about your situation. 


  • You Can Choose A Female House Call Doctor 


Even though doctors are the same regardless of gender, it is normal to feel a little embarrassed about having to reveal details of your intimate places to someone of the opposite gender. 


If you’re a lady troubled by an STD, you have the option to choose a female house call doctor whom you may be more comfortable with. 


You can reveal details about your sexual lifestyle and talk openly about sexual health in a positive way with your house call doctor. Your female house call doctor can then recommend ways for you to stay protected in your sexual relationships and talk about body image. 


  • Reduces Stress-Related Aggravation 


Excessive stress from making a trip to the clinic can also worsen any existing condition. When you’re feeling frustrated and unhappy over an STD, thinking about heading over to a doctor when your body is experiencing discomfort can be stressful. 


Sometimes, moving about can also increase your discomfort. 


A house call doctor can attend to you in the comforts of home, allowing you to get the rest you deserve. Simply schedule an appointment during your free time and wait for your doctor to rush over. 


  • Responds to Immediate Situations 


When an STD strikes, it may occasionally need immediate medical help for relief. Even if you run to your nearest healthcare provider, it is common to see long queues with many other patients waiting. 


A house call doctor reduces the waiting time and is able to give you the treatment you need quickly. This can lower the chances of your STD worsening and contribute to better recovery, as well as lower healthcare costs. 


Even if you feel pain or discomfort in the middle of the night, a house call doctor operates 24/7 and can attend to you as soon as possible. 


  • Flexible Options 


Apart from a house call visit, you can also arrange for a telemedicine consultation that is even faster. Here at D&CMed, we give patients the option of a telemedicine consultation anywhere, anytime. 


This is suitable for patients who are awkward to speak about their condition in person, or want to receive treatment immediately. Medicine will be delivered straight to your place so you need not make a trip down. 

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