Getting ready to embrace the exciting festivities with Chinese New Year just round the corner?

Before you plunge into a wide array of tempting snacks and treats, from bak kwa to pineapple tarts, have you remembered the most important thing to take care of first?
That’s right – your health. Seize the opportunity early into the year to get a general health screening and make sure that you are in the pink of health! 
Here are some reasons to get yourself screened not just today, but on a regular basis:

  • Early Detection Can Lead to Better Outcomes 

Even if you feel like your body is in excellent shape, not all illnesses or diseases are glaringly obvious. 
In fact, many life-threatening illnesses like cancer, heart disease or diabetes are rarely self-detectable. It is often discerned via a proper checkup and follow-up assessments. 
By detecting an illness early, it increases your chances of survival and treatment outcomes. For example, the early stages of cancer have a significantly higher survival and remission rate than those in the later stages. 
Your house call doctor can also focus on preventive measures on existing issues, like high blood pressure, to prevent them from escalating into bigger and more serious problems. 

  •  Regular Checkups Are an Important Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle isn’t limited to just regular exercise or eating healthy. Routine medical checkups form an essential part of a healthy lifestyle as well. 
Scheduling regular checkups can be hassle-free as well. When you opt for our house call service, our house call doctor is always ready to attend to you whenever you need. You can easily plan it around your schedule with the flexibility offered. In addition, should you feel more comfortable with a female house call doctor, you can also opt for one for your checkup. 

  • Reduces Potential Medical Costs Over the Long Run 

Early diagnosis of a medical condition can potentially cut down expensive fees, pain and suffering. As a preventive measure, health screenings can be a lifesaver with prompt diagnosis and treatment. 
Treating an illness diagnosed only at the later stages can be considerably costlier and cause greater pain, as well as time and effort involved in tackling it. 

  • Routine Checkups Help You Better Take Charge of Your Health

Having your health checked regularly helps to give you valuable insights that can also translate into important information to prevent the possible onset of diseases or illnesses. 
You can also adjust your lifestyle accordingly, like tweaking your food intake, exercise, stress levels, sleep and more. Being aware helps you manage your health better and keep track of it in a consistent manner. When it comes to your health, avoid taking chances and sitting around waiting for an illness to hit you. 

  • Tackle Stress-Related Illnesses Effectively 

While a moderate amount of stress is healthy, excessive levels of stress can ignite various mental and physical health problems. In Singapore, high levels of stress is often prevalent due to the demands of work and study. This may cause issues like depression, gastrointestinal problems and even diabetes. Medical checkups can help to diagnose these issues and resolve them before they get aggravated, and identify trigger areas to prevent stress levels from worsening. Going for checkups also means that you can reduce stress related to worries about your health. 

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