Tuberculosis: A Beginner’s Guide

In June this year, a worrying cluster of tuberculosis infections was reported, with 170 people in the same apartment building testing positive for the disease. What is tuberculosis, and should you be worried about it? We take a closer look in this article below! What Is Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis, or TB, is an airborne disease that […]

Keeping Abreast of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is Singapore’s most prevalent cancer among women. More than 2,000 women are diagnosed with it every year in the country, and more than 400 eventually pass on as a result. When detected early during the non-invasive stage, it is easier to implement treatment and patients usually have a greater chance of recovery. For […]

Snacking: Good or Bad?

Spicy chips, chocolates, sweets, biscuits – these snacks sound surreal for many of us. It’s easy to start snacking and to go overboard, because many of us don’t realise that those seaweed chips we’re stuffing into our mouths are full of fat and calories. And because they’re bite-sized and so easy to eat, we might […]

Answering 5 of Your Biggest Questions About STIs

What do you know about sexually transmitted infections? Even if you’re not sexually active, you may expect to do it in the future, or be genuinely curious about the diseases that affect so many people worldwide. Don’t shy away from talking about STIs, because they make up a key part of your overall health, and […]

4 Ways to Manage and Control Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition that lasts for a lifetime.   This means that it cannot be cured, and needs to be managed to prevent it from descending to potential health complications.   This condition affects how your body converts food into energy. When your body lacks the hormone insulin, or produces an insufficient amount […]

5 Lifestyle Changes for Women to Prevent Osteoporosis

Do you take your bones for granted? Our bones are essential to our basic functions and in allowing us to live normal lives. Whether it’s doing the laundry, walking, bending over to pick up something we dropped, or working out, these day-to-day actions require the use of our bones. These bones give us support and […]

3 Wholesome Ways to Manage Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases can be more difficult for any person to handle, especially because there is usually no cure. It’s unlike a broken bone or the flu and cough where it’s over once you recover. These are some chronic diseases that have no sure solution: Heart disease Osteoporosis Diabetes Arthritis High blood pressure Managing your chronic […]

Chronic Kidney Disease: What’s the Big Deal About This Illness?

Chronic kidney disease is on the rise in Singapore, and this is a worrying trend. A person is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease when he/she has kidney disease for over 3 months. This disease involves a gradual loss of kidney function, with advanced stages posing a dangerous risk by causing hazardous levels of waste, fluid […]

All About Contusions

Most of us experience minor injuries as we go along with our daily lives.   These small injuries are more commonly known as contusions, which is the medical term for a bruise. It is a kind of hematoma, which refers to any accumulation of blood outside of a blood vessel.   A contusion involves injured […]

The Bitter Effects of Sugar on Your Body

Sugar exists in nearly all the food that we buy and eat on a daily basis, whether it’s naturally occurring or added.   It’s in your favourite pasta dish, your dessert, your fruits, your teh peng, and many more.   Why is too much sugar bad news for your body, and what should you do […]